Custom Built Washitsu

Sukiya-zukuri, Japanese Residential Architectural Style

Custom Built Washitsu

An Authentic Japanese Tatami Room

Custom Built Washitsu

Tokonoma and Tokobashira

Custom Built Washitsu

Shoji Doors and Kumiko Windows

Custom Built Washitsu

High Level Traditional Japanese Carpentry

Sukiya-zukuri 数寄屋造り, is a Japanese residential architectural style. 'Suki' means refined, well-cultivated taste and delight in elegant pursuits. The Suffix 'Do' means 'the way, path, or road'. Sukiyado can be translated in 'the way of elegance'.

Designing and building Japanese architecture, interior and furniture is not an easy task. Unlimited dedication, craftsmanship, patience, and study of the traditional crafts and materials are a must and required. Sukiyado, design, advice and construction of custom built Japanese architecture, interior projects and furniture for commercial and residential clients.

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Residential Japanese Interior Design Creation Construction

From tatami room, Washitsu, and personal retreat. Sukiyado designs, builds, and installs complete traditional Japanese rooms and furniture in your home and business throughout Europe.

Commercial Japanese Interior Design Creation Construction

Design and execution of commercial Japanese interiors for restaurants or office spaces are also covered by Sukiyado. Think of interior design based on authentic Japanese style and atmosphere.

3D Design Proofing Japanese Interior Design Creation Construction
3D Immersion

All projects are designed and proofed within an immersive 3D environment to make sure every element of the interior will match the customer's needs, before production and installment.

Briefing and Design

Custom Built Washitsu

Transformation of a residential studio into a traditional Japanese Tatami room, featuring a genuine Tokonoma

Sukiyado was contacted by a customer with the request to convert a residential studio into a traditional Japanese Washitsu, or Tatami room. The room should feature 3 sets of Japanese sliding doors, or Shoji doors, a Shoji room divider, a traditional Tokonoma, and Tatami flooring. After the briefing, our design team got started with the first sketches and recreation of the original studio in our dedicated 3D environment. The next step was the actual design of all elements that would be used in the space to develop. The first design featured a very formal tokonoma with a square Tokobashira, or main post. During the design the Tokobashira was replaced with a natural trunk, transforming the total Washitsu into a more semiformal Sukiya style. Note, the trunk we finally used came from an old Hinoki tree that used to grow in the customer's garden, providing an even stronger bond with the customer.

Traditional Japanese Tokonoma Kumiko Lattice Work Window
Traditional Japanese Tokonoma Ikebana Flower Arrangement
Traditional Japanese Tokonoma Kumiko Latticework

Tokonoma 床の間

Custom Built Washitsu

Converting a studio into a full blown authentic Japanese Tatami room

The Sukiyado Workshop 工房, is run by two very skilled carpenters, sukiya-daiku 数奇屋大工, that are responsible for all indoor and outdoor Japanese carpentry. Working at the Sukiyado Workshop means you will need to continuesly study and improve yourself. This is why our skilled carpenters are able to take on any job. A project like this, creating a true Japanese Washitsu requirs thorough knowledge and skills, both about materials, wood species, fabrics and traditional Japanese tools.

The top and front of the Tokonoma are built from 30 mm high grade Mahogony wood. The main construction, beams, posts, and Tokonoma window, Tokomado 床窓, featuring the lattice, Kumiko 組子, are built from Abachi, a very straight soft yellow wood, also often used in sauna environments. The Tokobashira, also called Nihonbashira 二本柱, the pillar closest to the center of the tea ceremony room, is a reclaimed Hinoki trunk with a wonderfull, exceptional shape and saved from the customers own garden.

Sukiyado Japanese Woodworking Carpentry Workshop
Custom fit Japanese Hinoki Wood Tokobashira Main Post
Japanese Kumiko Window Hinoki Wood Tokobashira Main Post

Shoji Doors 障子

Custom Built Washitsu

Shoji doors and room deviders to set the atmosphere

The Shoji doors 障子, also called Souji, are also built from Abachi wood and, are executed double sided. In between the latticework, Kumiko, typical Japanese laminated Shoji paper, called Aburashouji 油障子 or Amashouji 雨障子 is glued. The location and design of the panel board varies, Koshishouji 腰障子, have hip level or lower panel boards which Manaka Koshishouji 間中腰障子 have a central hip. Decorative variations include carved patterns, wickerwork Ajiro 網代, panels selected for fine wood grain, panels with bamboo or reeds Natsushouji 夏障子, arranged horizontally or vertically. Shouji covered with paper so that no framework is visible are called Mizugoshi Shouji 水腰障子, and is commonly used.

The Washitsu floor is covered with traditional Tatami mats. Tatami in tea ceremony rooms, Chashitsu 茶室, have special names. The host's mat may be called Shudatami 主畳, Temaedatami 点前畳, or Dougudatami 道具畳. Sukiyado is proud to have access to a dedicated Japanese partner providing the highest quality Tatami mats in any preferable size.

Traditional Japanese Sliding Doors Shoji Doors Kumiko
Traditional Japanese Sliding Doors Shoji Doors Kumiko Detail
Traditional Japanese Sliding Doors Shoji Doors Grip Recess Hikite
Traditional Japanese Sliding Doors Shoji Doors Panel Koshishouji

Board and Batten, Tate Itakabe 竪板壁
Latticework, Koushi Irimado 格子入窓
Protruding window, Degoushimado 出格子窓


Japanese tea house, Chashitsu 茶室
Staggered shelves, Chigaidana 違い棚
Covered veranda, Engawa 縁側


Japanese plaster, Tsuchikabe 土壁
Main pilaar, Tokobashira 床柱

Sukiyado is an extremely versatile company

Please feel free to send us your inquiry. Sukiyado provides dedicated design and execution of high level Japanese interior projects, furniture and elements. Think of traditional Japanese Tokonoma 床の間, Washitsu 座敷, Tatami floors 畳, Japanese sliding doors 舞良戸, Shoji 障子, Fusuma 襖, Beds 褥, Futons 褥, Teburu 机, Tansu 箪笥, Andon 灯, etc. Please note, Sukiyado can also provide a broad range of Japanese antiques and decoration.

Our partner Yokoso Japanese Gardens can provide authentic Japanese Garden design and construction, aswell as a wide range of authentic Japanese Ornaments, Toro, Tsukubai, Rocks and garden decoration.